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Megan Fox's left hand:
Another typically characteristic is the 'independent head line' [in medical science: a 'distally displaced proximal transverse crease']. Combined with the long pointer finger, this could be recognized as a typical characteristic of a woman who wants to be in control (according theories in modern hand analysis). NOTICE: Megan Fox describe's herself as a "control freak".
Megan Fox's right hand:
Next to the 'clubbed thumb', Megan Fox's right hand appears to be featured with relatively long pointer finger (a typical characteristic of the hand of females - in males the ring finger is usually longer than the pointer finger).
Megan Fox's unusual thumbs:
Megan Fox has unusual thumbs. On both hands she has a 'clubbed thumb' - characterized by a rather remarkably broad, with nail phalange of the thumb (see the 1st and 2nd photo below). Some people call this thumb type the "murderers thumb", but that name is merely an example of folklore. It's considered as a harmless MPA (= minor physical anomaly). Rather remarkable for a woman who was voted according FHM in 2008 as the 'sexiest woman in the world'. Take a look at the Megan Fox's thumbs below.
[In medical science this thumb type is known as 'brachydactyly - type d' (a.k.a. as a 'stub thumb'). Technically this rather short, broad nail phalange of the thumb - featured with a relatively short fingernail - results from a partial fusion or premature closing of the epyphysis with the distal phalanx of the thumb.]
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs
megan fox thumbs

emma thompson career

Emma Thompson born 15 April 1959 is an English actress, comedian and screenwriter. Her first major film role was in the 1989 romantic comedy The Tall Guy. In 1992, Thompson won multiple acting awards, including an Academy and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress, for her performance in the British drama Howards End. The following year Thompson garnered dual Academy Award nominations, as Best Actress for The Remains of the Day and as Best Supporting Actress for In the Name of the Father.
In 1995, Thompson scripted and starred in Sense and Sensibility, a film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel of the same name, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Other notable film and television credits have included the Harry Potter film series, Wit (2001), Love Actually (2003), Angels in America (2003), Nanny McPhee (2005), Stranger than Fiction (2006), Last Chance Harvey (2008), An Education (2009), and Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (2010).
Thompson is also a patron of the Refugee Council and President of the Teaching Awards.
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Early life
Thompson was born in Paddington, London, England. Her father was the actor Eric Thompson, best known for having written and narrated The Magic Roundabout, shown on BBC children's television in the 1960s and 1970s. Her mother is the Scottish actress Phyllida Law. Thompson's younger sister is actress Sophie Thompson. Thompson has spent part of her life in Scotland and has stated that she "feel[s] Scottish".
Thompson went to Camden School for Girls and then studied English at Newnham College at the University of Cambridge where she was a member (along with fellow actors Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Tony Slattery) and vice-president of the university's comedy troupe, the Footlights. Her acting talent was so impressive that agent Richard Armitage signed her to a contract while she was still two years away from graduation. Thompson graduated from Cambridge in 1980. Soon after she came to fame with a leading role in the West End revival of the musical Me and My Girl, opposite Robert Lindsay.
Thompson's earliest television appearances included the comedy sketch show Alfresco, broadcast in 1983 and 1984 (as well as its three-part pilot There's Nothing to Worry About, shown in 1982), which also featured Ben Elton, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Also in 1984 she guested alongside Fry and Laurie in the episode "Bambi" of the sitcom The Young Ones, playing Miss Money-Sterling. Her breakthrough began in 1987 with her role as red-haired rock guitarist Suzi Kettles in the cult TV series Tutti Frutti. This was followed by acclaim for the BBC series Fortunes of War in which she starred with her then future husband, Kenneth Branagh. For these two 1987 roles she won a BAFTA for Best Actress. In 1988, she starred in and wrote the eponymous Thompson comedy sketch series for BBC1; the series was not successful with audiences or critics. Described in Time Out magazine as "very clever-little-me-ish",[citation needed] it has never been repeated in Britain despite her Oscar successes, and Thompson has not returned to the sketch comedy field.
Thompson's first major film role was in Richard Curtis's romantic comedy The Tall Guy (1989) co-starring Jeff Goldblum. Her career took a more serious turn with a series of critically acclaimed performances and films, beginning with Howards End (1992), for which she received an Oscar for best actress; the part of Gareth Peirce, the lawyer for the Guildford Four, in In the Name of the Father; The Remains of the Day opposite Anthony Hopkins; and as the British painter Dora Carrington in the film Carrington.
Thompson won her next Oscar in 1996, for best adapted screenplay for her adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, a film directed by Ang Lee, in which she also played the Oscar-nominated lead role opposite Hugh Grant. She has said that she keeps both of her award statues in her downstairs bathroom, citing embarrassment at placing them in a more prominent place.
Thompson's recent television work has included a starring role in the 2001 HBO drama Wit, in which she played a dying cancer patient, and 2003's Angels in America, playing multiple roles, including one of the titular angels. Her Emmy Award was as a guest star in a 1997 episode of the show Ellen; in this episode she played a fictionalised parody of herself: a closeted lesbian more concerned with the media finding out she is actually American. She also appeared in an episode of Cheers in 1992 titled "One Hugs, the Other Doesn't".
Thompson at the London premiere of Nanny McPhee, 2005
More recently, Thompson appeared in supporting roles such as Sybill Trelawney in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. She also appeared in the 2003 comedy Love Actually. The film Nanny McPhee, adapted by Thompson from Christianna Brand's Nurse Matilda books, was first released in October 2005. Thompson worked on the project for nine years, having written the screenplay and starred alongside her mother (who has a cameo appearance). In the film Stranger than Fiction she plays an author planning on killing her main character, Harold Crick, who turns out to be a real person. Most recently, Thompson made a short uncredited cameo as a doctor introducing the cure for cancer in the form of measles in the latest film adaptation of I Am Legend, and starred in Last Chance Harvey opposite Dustin Hoffman, Eileen Atkins and Kathy Baker. In 2009, she appeared in An Education and The Boat That Rocked, the new Richard Curtis film, which also starred Gemma Arterton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, January Jones, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, Jack Davenport and Rhys Ifans.
Thompson reprised her role as Sybill Trelawney in the two-part film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She will also voice Queen Elinor in the upcoming 2012 Pixar film Brave.
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompson
emma thompsonemma thompson

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