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Hot Short Hair Styles For 2010
Executive Summary By Tim Faber
There are actually three categories by which you can classify short hair:

    super short
    jaw length
    and chin length short hair styles.

You'll know what I mean when you go over these hot short hair styles for 2010.

The Bob

This is one of the hottest items in the hot short hair styles for 2010 list. Bobs are so versatile it suits every shape of face. If your face is round, you can go for the longer cut. Do you have straight hair? This hot short hair style for 2010, also known as "pixie cut" is trendy and on the rise this year. You need put some hair product for pixie cut to really show off how much of a hot short hair style for 2010 it is.

Razored Punk

One interesting styling option that those who are not much into punk look may prefer is the messy razored style. Some not-so-young women favor this style as it provides a youthful look.

Edgy Short Hair Styles

The most edgy versions of this hair style are slashed asymmetrically or cut in strong geometrical lines and goes well with bright colors. Your hair needs to be really, really straight with this style though. Just like the old adage say, your hair is your crowning glory.

Short Hair Styles and Hair Straighteners
Executive Summary By Jack R Taylor

If you wish to make your hairstyle gorgeous with the help of a flat iron, then you should know the correct technique of using a hair straightener. Short hairstyles are also preferred by men who love to wear chin length hair. If you have cut your hair short only because you are not able to manage and take care of your hair if grown longer, then a flat iron can make it more manageable by turning your bad hair days to the best one that everyone with remember of.

If will take only a few minutes for you to style your short hair, even lesser time than you need for styling the long hair. You can curl, straighten, flip-in, flip-out or crimp your short hair in whatever style you want to acquire. Short hairs often do not need the application of hair gels to keep it in its position. You have to check whether messy hairstyle or the wavy bobs are suited for you before styling your hair.

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