Bob Hair Style - A Timeless Hairstyle

Executive Summary By Lisa Hunt

As short hair styles go, the bob is probably the most prolific. Women can fashion a bob cut from straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair... you name it!

Interestingly, as the bob style has evolved over the past 90 years, the original 'Page boy' style never really went away. It has been adapted and modified, but every now and then a famous actress will give the classic bob hair style new life.

In recent years, celebrities like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, and Katie Holmes have all sported stunning bobs. A bob style focuses the eyes on the center of the face. If you've never tried a bob cut before, it's usually best to start off conservatively.

Get a medium-length inverted bob first. As always, your best bet is to enlist the advice of a trusted hair stylist before you go with any version of the bob hair style.

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