Hollywood Glam - Bob Hairstyles

Executive Summary By: Justin Grant

Today, bobs are still very much in vogue, although their connection with freedom might be remote. Are you thinking of getting a bob hairstyle? Katie Holmes

There are two things that you should be thinking about if you want to get her bob hairstyle. To achieve your desired look, you need to have a really straight hair, so if you have curls or waves, you can have them straightened in a salon or by using a hair iron yourself. You can instruct your stylist to cut your hair along the length of your jaw. Your hair should look like its hugging your face from your jaw upwards. Gwyneth Paltrow

Long bobs can be flattering to all facial structures and you can try it by having your hair straightened first (if you have waves or curls) before getting it cut shoulder length or enough that it touches your clavicle.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole's long bob with sweet side swept bangs looks good on all facial shapes. To get it, have your hairstylist cut your hair up to the base of your neck. Chelsea Hobbs

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